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Monday, June 6, 2011

Many of the books I've edited are now up at http://www.champagne/ books.com  Look for titles by Kristi Ahlers, Melissa Blue, Robin Courtright, Stacey Coverstone, Lorna Grae, Veronica Hart, Ciara Gold, Helen Henderson, Romona Hilliger,  Linda Laroque, J.L. McCale, Caroline Montague, Eve Pendlebury, K.M.Tolan and T.K.Toppin & Todd Hunter. The last three are among the best science fictions authors out there. I'm proud of the successes of all "my" authors, hope you'll check out the site and pick up their books in either hard copy or electronic versions. Their genres range from Romance, Time-travel, Western Historical, Historical, Fantasy, Thrillers, Women's Fiction, Mysteries, and more--indeed, genres to suit everyone's taste.
Champagne's sister site, http://www.carnalpassions.com/, is where you'll find some of the hottest reading around.(It is an age-restricted site, so don't go there if you're not legally an adult in your jurisdiction.)There, in no particular order, you'll find books my more of "my" authors like Amy Wooley, Lois Sullivan, Julie Grissom, Loren Gallagher, L.A. Witt, Scarlett Parrish, and many more.

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