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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Ciara Gold brings us yet another incomparable novel with ON TIMELESS WINGS OF GOLD. Her heroine, Angel, is a modern-day woman whose only desire in life it to get her daughter back from her abusive, rich ex. The incantations of an ancient Celtic wizard snatch her naked from her shower stall smack into the days of Vikings, where she is supposed to tempt a fallen king.

No way. Angel is much too lippy and unruly to make a good servant let alone a mate for a king, and thus is given to another slave to tame, or to use however he wishes.  

 Handsome devil, Torin O’Faelain, taken prisoner during a raid on Ireland, has spent the past two years enslaved by Vikings and is determined to escape and find his way back to his native land. The woman dumped upon him is nothing but a hindrance to his plans. He’ll let nothing stand in his way, not even an angel from the future, but love and fate intervene.

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